Why Kabega Christian Independent  School?


  • ​Fully equipped Laptop Lab.

  • Fully equipped Library Centre.

  • New modern Science Lab.

  • Utelizing state-of-the-art technology to engage the 21st century learner.

  • You will get value for your money.

  • Circuit gym for sport and the learners.

  • Quality education.

  • KCS prepares learners well for examinations.


Each learner at KCIS should feel cared for, unique in God's eyes and belongs to God's family!




We provide a fully equipped Laptop Laboratorium














    We provide a fully equipped Library Centre













  We provide a new modern Science Laboratorium












Timeless Teachings in a Changing World


Senior Phase : Gr 8/9 English Medium

  • English Home Language

  • Afrikaans - First Additional Language

  • Mathematics

  • Life Orientation

  • Creative Arts

  • Natural Sciences

  • Social Sciences

  • Technology

  • Economic Management Sciences


Extras : Entrepreneur Days

Career Days


Academic Projections Gr 9 for Gr 10

Career Decision Making Tests

Education Excursions

Outreach Programme


Gr 10-12  - From 2020

  • English Home Language

  • Afrikaans - First Additional Language

  • Life Orientation

  • History or Business Studies

  • CAT (computers) or Accounting

  • Maths or Maths Literacy

  • Life Sciences or Tourism.


Extras : Work Project Week Gr 11

Entrepreneur Days

Career Decision Making Test


Career Day

Education Excursions



KCS Achievements


  • Good GR12 Results.

  • 100% Pass rate.

  • Junior City Council Executive Representation five out of the last eight years.

  • Good Gr 8 - 12 Results.

  • Last three years Gr 12 Pass Rate of 98.8%.

  • Top Ten JCC speaker in 2015.