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AUGUST NEWSLETTER                                                                                                                            28 August 2020

Where do we stand with Covid-19?

Across South Africa, there is a feeling of change in the air. The weather is a little warmer, there is an ease in lock down rules, and most importantly… it feels like the Covid-19 peak might have come and gone.

Besides temperature testing, sanitizing, social distancing, masks and split groups… school is also back to what is now considered to be ‘normal’. We foresee school carrying on like this until at least the end of the year. Unfortunately, sport and gym at the school will also remain cancelled until the end of 2020.

Emergency Contact Details
It came to our attention that during the Covid pandemic, we were not always able to get hold of parents when need be. On 14 August all learners were given an emergency contact list to be completed by parents. This information was due back on 21 August.

Could all parents who have not completed this form yet please do so and hand it in by 4 September 2020

Grade 9 Subject Choices
Unfortunately due to Covid, we could not have an official subject choice meeting with all the Grd 9s and their parents. We did however have a talk with the Grd 9 learners during class time and also gave them subject choice packs.
These packs are due back on 4 September. Should there be any queries or questions, please feel free to contact the school and speak to Mr Julies.

Grade 12 Examinations
It is important for parents to know that there has been no cutting of work from the Grd 12 syllabus due to Covid. Grd 12s are under tremendous pressure, and should already have a study schedule in place for when they are at home.
Passing Grd 12 needs passionate teachers, involved parents and a dedicated learner. We would like to ask you to make sure your child is making summarized notes, working through past exam papers and spending enough time on studying.


Unless otherwise stated, preparatory exams will start on 9 September and Final exams will start on 5 November. The final exam schedule runs until 15 December. Dates can be changed by the Department of Education at any moment, but learners will be given schedules closer to the time.

School Contracts per year
Due to the nature of the uncertain times we are living in, parents will be required to complete a school contract every year. School contracts will be sent out for next year shortly. Please complete them as soon as possible. Learners will not be accepted as coming back without the contract being handed in.

Do we have anymore holidays?
School holidays for the rest of the year will look as follows:
 Long Weekend: 24 – 27 September 2020
 Week Break: 26 – 30 October 2020


The school fee situation
According to the Schools Act, the payment of school fees is a statutory debt. School fees paid by parents help to pay school bills as well as salaries.
During lock down teachers made an extra special effort to teach remotely and were available 24 hours a day on ClassDojo and their whatsapp numbers. During lock down –more than ever –teachers have been putting in large amount of effort in order to keep learners on par with where they should be with their work.


Please remember, as per the notices that were sent out on the whatsapp groups that due to the high number of outstanding fees, learners with arrears accounts will not automatically be accepted into the next grade. Learners will have to re-apply.
Should you not be able to use EFTs or bank payments, please contact Madeleine in order to make an appointment for payments to be done at the school.

Banking Details

Kabega Christian School


Account: 4067872577

Branch: 632005

Reference: Student name & surname


How do I help motivate my child to study for exams?
No matter how dedicated our children are to learning, there will always be a time that they will become demotivated for various reasons, most of them temporary (hopefully).


However there are some children that only put in minimal effort and need lots of urging to get started. They tend to leave many, if not all, tasks unfinished and have a negative attitude to learning and schoolwork. Reluctant learners need to be both challenged and supported if they are to develop the self-efficacy they need to take risks and succeed.
Albert Einstein said: ‘It’s not that I’m smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer. His incredible persistence led to success because he was motivated. It’s been proven that everyone can use motivation to achieve personal success.

What can you do to help motivate your child to study:

Have a strong relationship with your child
Have meaningful conversations, actually communicate with and listen to your child. Show an interest in what fascinates your child and explore areas of interest.

Remember that character strengths can be taught
This can be achieved by turning everyday events into learning experiences so that they can see how learning relates to their lives. Encourage problem solving through daily activities.

Let them learn from failure
Often children are trying to hide their concerns about their scholastic achievement. Help them to embrace their imperfections and to accept that mistakes are okay. Empower them by showing them how to identify a mistake and to see it as part of the learning process.

Encourage expression of opinion
Let them have a say when making appropriate choices and encourage voicing their opinions.

Set goals
Short, medium and long term goals should be set. Be realistic, making sure that they are achievable. Provide incentives along the way if you can.

Ask your child about their learning at school
Ensure that their basic reading, mathematics and listening skills are in place. These are very important in reaching success. Without them, no amount of motivation and support will be significant.

Adapt to their learning style
It is very important to find out how your child is studying. If it is working, great! If its not working, look at different methods that may work better.

Celebrate an achievement
Praise effort, not results. There is nothing that beats affirmation. By offering positive reinforcement you will inspire your child to keep learning.

‘’ Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me? Hope in God; for I shall again praise him, my salvation and my God’ –Psalm 42:11

Candice Yaman








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